To each country. Expanded public offering of international licenses. 
To each country and city, companies, individuals. A plan to the New Industrial Structure. 

 Application PeriodJuly 20, 2021 - August 10, 2021 [The application period has been changed.]
In this unprecedented pandemic crisis, we would like to thank you all for your efforts. In light of the severe situation of viral mutation and economic
stagnation, we have once again decided to launch an open call for international projects for the period 2022-2026 in various countries and cities.
The thoughts and ideas of humanity as a whole are greatly influenced by the following three points:
– People's immunity, which influences the spread of the virus.
– The health of the fundamentals of nations and cities.
– Social ecology cycle (responsible management for results: Peter Drucker).
It has been scientifically proven in quantum mechanics, neuroscience, medical psychology, and social psychology that people's thoughts and ideas have a
great influence on these fundamentals. Collective thoughts that condense divine source energy (God) can also move the invisible forces of nature, such as
Something Great.
Therefore, in order to end the infection and restore the economic cycle, it is necessary for as many countries and cities as possible to work together to
make the thoughts of the entire human race positive, constructive, and actionable. In other words, people need to take the initiative to increase the immunity of their own minds and bodies. However, vaccines cannot supplement the will to live and the well being of the soul. Also, negative and impossible thoughts will spread from individuals to groups, and the entire public will become negative. If this happens, it will be an obstacle to the success of the Olympic Games, various infection control measures, and economic measures.
We will focus not only on the power of humanity, but also on the perspective of the Grand Master who created this planet. When we become one with that
primordial energy, we experience one of these "perspective shifts. This is a plan that can create synergy between disease control and economic reform, rather than conflict. In other words, we propose software that allows people to conceive of their own talents and skills in each field from multiple perspectives, from the perspective of divine source energy (God). This plan will enable each
individual to proactively release conventional fixed concepts and create a new industrial structure that will activate the economic cycle and accelerate disease control. This will also be a force to protect people and countries from the global
threat of totalitarianism.
With this in mind, we are once again inviting applications from countries and cities. For the five licensed countries and cities, we will be proposing specific
changes in industrial structure in various fields that match the characteristics of the region. We have now decided to provide all countries and cities that have applied with a basic idea for changing the industrial structure of the medical sector. It is also possible for countries and cities to apply for the New Industrial Structure Plan alone.
Thank you for your consideration. We will do our best to support you in solving this global problem and paving the way for the future.

Elieux Eco Level License Project Secretariat
Level 11 Aoyama Palacio Tower 3-6-7 Kitaaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
Creative Director  Kaori ITO

About the New Cyclical Industrial Structure Plan

About the construction of a grand cathedral (Buddha statue) with proceeds from the New Industrial Structure Plan

The Licensing Office will provide the New Industrial Structure Plan to 1,718 municipalities in Japan and cities, towns and villages around the world. With the proceeds and donations, we would like to build a cathedral (Buddha statue) to symbolize this energy.
It is said that in order to solve the root cause of the pandemic, in addition to practical measures, "each individual must change his or her mind and cherish gratitude and faith in God and Buddha. Step by step, turn negative thoughts into positive ones → increase trust in the divine self and bring out positivity → increase thoughts of altruism. →circulate positive energy in the collective life, economy, and politics of the people. This process has the potential to become an energy that exceeds hard power.
In Japan, the smallpox epidemic of 735 to 737 killed more than a quarter of the population at that time. Various natural disasters also led to the construction of the Vairocana (Buddha statue) at To-daiji Temple in Nara. It was Emperor Sho-mu's wish that not only human beings but also animals and plants would flourish together, and he wanted to spread the Buddha's ideal world to the people. In order to make the Great Buddha the culmination of the wishes of the people, rather than a unilateral gift from the emperor, about half of the population of the time contributed their private funds and labor. It is said that the Buddha became a spiritual stronghold for the recovery of a society that had been exhausted by smallpox.
 It is impossible for the government to keep giving benefits(support funds) to the people forever, even if the people come to take the government's assistance for granted. But on the other hand, it is possible to circulate positive energy, and each individual can draw out his or her own inner divinity and take action to change the current situation.
Although there are differences in culture and religion in each country, I believe that we can share the desire to quell this pandemic. This cathedral is a universal design that shows respect for all religions on earth. We will create art for the future that will become a world heritage. Worship and appreciation of the Buddha images will be made possible through VR experiences from all over the world. We are also envisioning 108 viewpoints at the site where people can experience the world view of divine beauty through VR/AR.
It will be a beautiful oasis on earth where people from all over the world can visit and offer prayers of gratitude, thereby circulating positive energy in the group. At the same time, it will revitalize tourism-related industries, culture and art, and technology industries such as VR. We would like to build it in a country with a high application rate for the New Industrial Structure Plan and a high level of commitment to faith. We hope that you will utilize the New Industrial Structure Plan to revitalize your community with the idea of a positive cycle of license to share mastermind with other countries and cities around the world.
We will do everything in our power to create a plan that will connect you, the leaders, with the thoughts of the nations and people of the world, by asking the will of the Great God. It would be my great pleasure to work with you to create a new era.


Specialties of this license 2020-2025: License planning based on economic recovery against the COVID-19.

The new device carries the next generation XR (VR/AR/MR/SR) to enable all kinds of experiences in the virtual space called Elieux Station.  As opposed to the conventional VR – “Virtual Reality”, this device creates the “Actual Reality” to enrich the actual works, studies and hobbies. 
We have three alternatives to create new industries.  The first one is the use of this device to provide the realistic experience of various fields in the virtual space.

Purpose and Contents
VideoPurpose of the new device and ELIEUX ECO LEVEL LICENSE
VideoContents of the new device and ELIEUX ECO LEVEL LICENSE
Elieux (eliu) = godlike, creator, source energy
Concept:: License (Award × VR station) to Realize the Energy of Creation of the Universe

VideoNew Concept 

Video Presentation
Video : ーDigest video, (2020-2025).
VideoStation 01 : VR Future Projection Escalator
VideoStation 02 : VR Art Museum
VideoStation 03 : VR Science Museum
VideoStation 04 : VR Shopping Art & Technologiy Mall 
VideoStation 05 : VR Excursion Experience Game(earth base camp)

Latest information instaglam →
You can see popularity voting of stations at Instagram.↑
This award (Collection Elieux) is a new creative award that is different from the official Olympics. The characteristics are as below.
1. Annually around the world, award events are held to discover the world's god-like creative expressions and contribute to the creation of a new civilization.
2. In various fields, “the most emotional expression” will be determined by two panels of judges of the “Global Top 100 Judges” and “Online Global Voting Examination.”
3. By transcending time and space, the award event can be appreciated through VR, creating opportunities to “experience” and “purchase,” and to promote a creative cycle on earth.
4. While pursuing new technologies, we aim to pursue spiritual creativity that fosters and nurtures sacred ethics and artistry with human beings at the core.
5. Through the expansion of international licenses, a global circulation of the cultural characteristics and individuality of each country is created by the activities of creators and companies in various fields.

6. Through the proposal of spiritual ideals and art direction, we contribute to technological innovation and lasting prosperity for the contracting countries and companies and the creation of the future of humanity.
7. With the initial license fee (research and development and expenses for implementation) and 3% royalty as the basic license fee, we contribute to technological innovation and permanent prosperity of the contracting countries and companies and the creation of the future of humanity.
Content of the proposal
1. Official Partner Suggestions for the 2020 Olympic Art Games We will include the budget for the cost of the event and advertising costs in your country. In addition, advertising costs will be added around the world.
Your Revenue: Sponsor Revenue, Event Ticket revenue license fee $ 11,000,000 (Including hosting fee)←Varies depending on the scale of the event

2. License Agreement for the Elieux Eco Level License Opening of the VR Elieux Station which exploits the greatest strength of each country As a license business Elieux Station whose concept is "Look at the essence of things and beautify the human being and the Earth", develop the project by expanding the project in your country having already contracted the license.
Your revenue: VR revenue, VR ticket revenue license fee $ 3,600,000 Royalty 3%

Flow of license
1. Application. 
Venue:Applications will be accepted directly at the Tokyo office.
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., July 20 - August 10, 2021
2. Invoice issue of advance payment from our company
3. Advance payment ($ 20,000)
4. Proposal of concrete details (If desired, we will make a presentation in the your Congress)
5. Negotiation and confirmation of contract details
6. Contract
7. Payment of licensing fee ($ 11,000,000, $ 3,600,000 )
8. Start of license

Note : We will also add notes. The host country of license (Award x VR Station) will be selected after application. Therefore, no down payment is required at the time of application. Only countries that have been selected as official licenses will be charged. We also attach a video summarizing the details of the license.

Flow of the New Industrial Structure Plan 
We have now decided to provide all countries and cities that have applied with a basic idea for changing the industrial structure of the medical sector. It is also possible for countries and cities to apply for the New Industrial Structure Plan alone.
1. Application. 
Venue:Applications will be accepted directly at the Tokyo office.
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., July 20 - August 10, 2021
2. Invoice issue of advance payment from our company
3. Advance payment ($ 20,000)
You will receive a proposal after payment is confirmed.
Bank Infomation of trancefer place


2020-2025 Selection Criteria for the Five Licensing Countries.

1. Countries where the content of the license is in effect
2. A country that is actively engaged in faith in the gods and Buddha that resonates with the licensing concept of "embodying God's creation. A country with an active or planned. 

Example: Prayer Project (see next page) 

Schedule After Licenses Are Decided

■Announcement of the implementing country: early Avril 2021
■ Contracts and meetings: Formal conclusion of the contract at the kick-off (five licensed countries meeting) in mid-October in the implementing country of 2021 (details of the contract to be confirmed in advance).
■ Development of new VR devices: co-development with specialized companies in the five licensed countries (Recruiting participating companies in your country)
■ Development of the five stations: mainly by the specialized companies in the five licensed countries 
■ Station completion: development will begin in 2021, with completion in 2025. The stations will be developed in stages, and during the Creative Awards every year, we will showcase and promote the developed stages of the station.

Deadline for application 20th Dersember  2020.


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