Dear Leaders of Countries and Fields / 各国・各分野のリーダーの皆様へ


Dear Leaders of Countries and Fields

Thank you very much for your efforts in the midst of the severe international situation.
We are pleased to announce the final period of application for the Universal Shot Declaration, which we have been proposing for some time. In order to avoid online problems, we will only accept applications in person at our Tokyo office. Please note that our office will be closed for one week from the end of April due to a national holiday. Please note that our office will be closed during this period.
Conflicts and wars are spreading not only to Ukraine but also to other parts of the world. Inflation and financial crises are also conspicuously high, and crises are even spreading to the immediate life concerns. Various incidents are occurring in various countries, and the reality is that people are easily caught up in negative energy. If this trend continues, economic, energy, environmental, and food crises will be triggered in a natural chain reaction.


However, we overcame another crisis like this in 2020, when the entire world was almost engulfed in negative energy. Many people around the world prayed and recalled their faith. Even if they could not leave their homes, they found hope for life and took action. Now, in our digital society, we are once again forgetting those memories and losing our faith. Reality is moving closer to the direction predicted in the spiritual writings of Edgar Casey in the United States and in Ryuho Okawa's futuristic novel, "The Woman of the Cross. However, Ryuho Okawa, the Messiah of our time, has taught us that the future can be changed by our thoughts and actions.
I would like to describe some of the content of the lecture he gave at the time of 2020.
For the umpteenth time, the day before this talk, I was watching a movie called Cinderella Man. It is a story about a boxer in New York City during the Great Depression of 1929 who loses his job and then recovers to become a world champion.
Hope is still needed. We need people who can give us courage. It is okay if the Great Depression happens. But we need people who can give hope and courage in the midst of it. (omitted).
Let us all create and demonstrate "new strength" without using the environment or conditions as a reason, and let us lead the world. I say this to the people of the world. Since the activities of Happy Science are centered in Japan today, it is only natural that Japan must become stronger.
However, I would like to ask the U.S. and other countries to please also do their best once more so that they will not be principled and stall due to the corona disaster as they are now. (omitted).
Although we criticize as a matter of convenience, we would like to lead both China and other countries to develop and reflect, so please do not forget "love for humanity" as well.
More power!
More light!
More prosperity!
If the God you believe in is the true God, I pray from the bottom of my heart that prosperity will open up in your future." From the July 12, 2020 sermon, "Creation from Faith."
Today, we live in a digital society, and our faith in God is weakening. However, I hope that you, the leaders of each country and field, will now show us the true power of human beings and lead us beyond this crisis. That is why we have prepared this Universal Shot Project.


And AI, for example, is like a kitchen knife. A kitchen knife can hurt people, but it can also produce wonderful food through the skill of a chef. However, everything in this vast universe exists without a single millimeter of deviation according to the laws of the universe and God's providence. If human beings follow God's providence and use AI correctly, instead of being self-centered, we can create a wonderful future. Humans are given the freedom to make that choice.

The same is true not only for AI but also for the future of the earth. We must give up the mind of deprivation and respect and love each other for the life of this earth. Thank God for His wisdom and follow His providence naturally. Only then, at that moment, this earth will shine as a fresh cradle of God.

I sincerely hope that all of you will be the jockeys of the new era and usher in a new cosmic age. For more information on registration, please visit. →




We have been trying to contact you in various countries, but due to system failures and other reasons, you may not have received our message. In addition, it is not always possible to send the information through the contact form on your website. Therefore, we are publishing information and communication. Please check our blog and Instagram below, where we will post such information anonymously.
Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message. Please use the contact form at the end of each page of the blog. If you do not see an answer to your question on our blog or Instagram, there may be a problem with our contact system. In that case, please call us at +81 3 5778 7089. You can speak either English or Japanese.
In addition, the country, company or organization that introduces this project will receive points to determine the site for the cathedral construction. We hope that you will introduce this project and help circulate the energy of goodness throughout the planet. This project is open to all countries, companies, and organizations on the planet. There is no limit to the size or region of the country. We ask that you please record the countries, companies, and organizations that you introduce to us.

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