Proposed 2 Application / お申し込み

More Information Of The UNIVERSAL SHOOT
Proposal 2: In the case of Russia's independent announcement of the declaration of the end of the war → Make it a tie-up declaration of endorsing countries and various organizations
The part A: should be announced by the arbitration of countries, various industries, companies, and other organizations that agree with the philosophy of this project's creation.
Announcement: UNIVERSAL SHOOT Russia Declaration (official event)
Place: To be determined by Russia
Date: To Be determined by Russia
Sublimation from forgiving love to the love of being that opens the space age
Matchup between domestic general teams and anti-war teams. A match (battle) event of sports and music, dance, etc. leading to a declaration of UNIVERSAL SHOOT. Kick-off of the cathedral construction project based on the concept of God's creation connecting 1000 years of time with the message of the Messiah. 
Conditions for participation: complete withdrawal from Ukraine 
Offer: UNIVERSAL SHOOT 2 content and event planning / New Industry Creation Plan provided free of charge to all participants / Elieux Eco-Level License provided to Russia (contract fee to be paid separately)
Concessions: This tie-up does not include the transfer of concessions. The concession will be managed through the creation of an organization to protect the Earth's heritage. 
Invitation of participants and participating countries: Invitation by Russian side 
Event audience: Russian and other countries wishing to participate
Project fee: 1,000$ for Application (planning and production) fee  / 20,000$ for project tie-up / Total: 21,000$ (per country)
Decision: Decision will be made upon completion of delivery of a portion of the fee of $10,000 (to be received in Euros)
Event organization: Prepared and decided in Russia Event management: Ask an agency, etc. (We can help with planning and direction if you have special permission to enter the country.) 
提案2:ロシア単独の終戦宣言発表の場合 → 賛同国と各種団体とのタイアップ宣言とする
本プロジェクトの創造の理念に賛同いただける国や各業種・企業・その他団体の仲裁によりA:の箇所を 表明頂き、発表。
発表:UNIVERSAL SHOOT ロシア宣言(公式イベント)
テーマ:UNIVERSAL SHOOT ー宇宙時代を拓く許す愛から存在の愛への昇華ー 
内容: 国内の一般チームと反戦者チームによる対戦。UNIVERSAL SHOOT 宣言を導くスポーツ・音楽・ダンス等のマッチ (戦い)イベント。メシアのメッセージと共に1000年の時をつなぐ神の創造をコンセプトとした大聖堂建設プロジェクトのキックオフを行う。
提供:UNIVERSAL SHOOT 2の内容とイベントの企画 / 全参加者に新産業創造プランを無償提供 / ロシア にエリュー・エコ・レベルライセンスの提供 (契約料は別途支払い)
企画使用料:申込料(企画・作成費)10,000$ / プロジェクトタイアップ料200,000$ / Total:210,000$(1カ国につき)
決定:使用料の一部10,000$ (ユーロでの受け渡しを希望)の受け渡し完了により決定
イベント開催費:ロシアにて準備・決定 イベント運営:代理店等に依頼(特別入国許可をいただけましたら企画ディレクションをお手伝いいたします。) 


Application and Payment / お申し込みとお支払い

Application Period: September 10, 2923
Application Location: Aoyama Palacio Tower 11F Office
[address] ELstyle co. Ltd   Level 11 Aoyama Palacio Tower 3-6-7 Kitaaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo Japan  
--Please call Elstyle's Ito at the reception of WAW Akasaka on the 16th floor.
Application hours: 10:00 - 12:00
Delegation: You can delegate your application to the consulate in your country or to our branch staff in Japan. In this case, please bring a letter of attorney with you.
Application documents: Please bring the following three items
-1. Application form (download)
-2. Power of attorney (download)
-3. A copy of the identification of the person visiting the application counter 
Payment: Please pay by bank transfer based on the invoice provided at the time of application. Your application will be officially completed upon completion of the remittance.
■Arbitration: Contract fee 210,000$
■Participate: Contract fee 20,000$
※ If the application for a single declaration from Russia is completed first, we will proceed as a single declaration. If the application from the intermediary country is completed first, the universal shot declaration will be made by each country. The application will be completed upon the completion of full payment of the contract fee.
(住所)東京都港区北青山3-6-7 青山パラシオタワー11階 株式会社 ELstyle(エルスタイル)
-1. 申込書ウンロード)
-2. 委任状(ダウンロード)
-3. 申し込みにおこし頂く方の本人確認証明書のコピー(パスポートまたは身分証明書、運転免許証、保険証)
■仲介: 契約料21万ドル
■参加: 契約料2万ドル
Payment: Please pay by bank transfer based on the invoice provided at the time of application. Your application will be officially completed upon completion of the remittance.
■Arbitration: Contract fee 210,000$
Participate: Contract fee 20,000$

■仲介: 契約料21万ドル
参加: 契約料2万ドル


Contact / お問い合わせ

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Tel 81 3 6681 6576
Application and questions by phone
Weekday mornings 9:00-17:30   
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