We will honor those who contributed the most to the foundation of the award (the donors) by including the names of the individuals and companies in the event titles.


MOVIE :  Request for Founding  "Collection Elieux & VR Elieux Station"

Although we are still waiting for formal approval from the United States government, the organizing committee is hoping to hold the 2019 Art Olympic, Collection Elieux in the United States. Please let us know if you agree with this idea. 
Collection Elieux is a new Olympic style award that pursues the origin of all creative efforts - the heart. It rewards artists in all cultural and artistic genres, and product/research development by cooperations. Thanks to cooperation and support from many, we were able to hold the 2014 pre-collection. Through the evaluative process of choosing the "most moving

Collection Elieux 2014 Pre Collection      

Collection Elieux 2019 Plan       

Experiencing the VR of Elieux Station

At the same time, we will open online shops where the works and products can be purchased. By 2020, it will be reborn as VR station where users can enjoy realistic shopping experience in VR. This will not only be the gateway to success for artists and developers, but will serve as the main station for them to travel and shine all over the world. Because the preparation of the station will require a lot of time, funding, and advanced technology, this will be done in stages with cooperation from top level specialists. We are hoping to complete and open the first stage in 2020.
 Finally, we have a present for all of those who have kindly watched this. We have prepared a video that reports how you feel if experiencing the VR of Elieux Station. At the Station to be opening in 2020, we will create contents enabling you to have new experiences other than being exposed to art works produced by the medalists of the award. Its secret lies in a system that synchronizes virtual worlds with individual realities. This system will create cutting edge experiences which inspire your idea and concept of values. We would be very happy if you could experience the VR of Elieux that stirs your emotion like the way you have never experience dbefore.

Note: This image is not a VR image. 
This is reporting on the mind of VR users react : discoveries in Outer space.

There are the three following ways to support this cause

 1. Donation to support the foundation of the initiative (Please see the details below)

2. Participation in the Collection Elieux
Please download the application form from the participation website(www.elieux.com/ev)for the award (the website calling for the 2018 guest participants) and send in the completed form. Application for the 2018 guest participant quota will be closed on November 30rd.

3. Participation in the 2018 charity song sing along
(Those eligible: any musician who has received a grammy, irrespective of current operating base or nationality. Those who will be able to attend the rehearsal starting 10:00 AM on December 15th, 2018.) Please note that participant will be paying for his/her own travel and accommodation. As a show of gratitude, participants will be invited to the VIP only royal party.

We want to create beyond eternity
With the 7 founder

Funder : The title for who provided maximum amount of financial backing for the award. Special Funder(s) will be honored for eternity as “chief founder of the award” who will thankfully support technology and arts for the future. Everyone would appreciate it if you could give the approval to your global patronage with your love for new technologies and arts to open the way to the future of humanity.


I promise, here to establish the funds for our future artists and for the creation of new global cultures, in collaboration with those “every one” who will honorably bring the same mind and vision toward the world with us.

Bank information of transfer place

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Payment by check

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