Dear Governments and Universal Shot Declarations


Thank you very much for your daily guidance on international affairs.
We would like to reiterate the March 27th deadline for the Universal Shot Declaration that we have been proposing for some time. The clock is ticking, and we are facing not only the devastation of conflict, but also a serious global economic, energy, and food crisis.
We have been planning for some time to have Mr. Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science come to the Universal Shot Declaration to speak as the Messiah. However, Mr. Okawa collapsed and physically passed away on March 2. We believe he will be resurrected. Before 2004, he had given about 1,000 lectures and sermons. In February 2023, he gave 3,500 lectures and sermons. Happy Science offers the Lord's Resurrection Prayer every day at 10:00-13:00-19:00.

Video about Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science (1:02)


幸福の科学の大川隆法氏についての動画 (1:02)
It has not been a major topic of discussion in the Japanese media. However, many people may think positively about Happy Science. Full-page advertisements appear in every major newspaper and other media, and the high level of social trust is pervasive. Mr. Okawa's messages are utilized by companies and organizations in various fields in their business and many other activities.
He has also given lectures in various parts of the world, especially in India, Sri Lanka, and Uganda, where many people have gathered. I was truly impressed by the high level of religious beliefs and the pure spirit of faith of the people of these countries.


Now, whether Mr. Okawa will be resurrected or not depends on our thoughts and actions living on earth. In the past, Jesus Christ also brought worldwide influence after leaving his physical body and being spiritually resurrected. In fact, God or higher spirits have to live within the limits of the three dimensions when they try to be active as human beings with their souls in physical bodies. The inherent spiritual power is limited. However, if we take off our physical bodies and work in the spirit world, such three-dimensional limitations are eliminated.
Therefore, if human beings on this earth really cannot prevent nuclear war or economic-energy-food crisis and go to their own destruction, they may not be able to return to earth. However, we have not yet been taught all the laws of the universe and all other laws. We, as human beings who love the Messiah, and for the sake of the human race on earth to achieve not destruction but the creation of a new civilization, we hope for His resurrection.

Nuclear warfare existed in ancient times 核戦争は古代にもあった (0:31)
Will mankind destroy the earth? An Alien Perspective 人類が地球を滅ぼさないか?という宇宙人の視点 (0:34)
The ability to see into the galaxy 銀河の中まで透視することができる能力    (0:43)
A spiritual investigation into the existence of 500 different cosmic beings 500種類の宇宙存在についての霊査   (0:29)
A universe made of spiritual things 霊的なものでできた宇宙 (0:48)
What promotes prosperity? 繁栄を促すものは? (0:18)

Finally, I would like to share with you some of the inspiring messages delivered by those who recently delivered them at CPAC in the United States. It is a soul-stirring message about how now is the time for us to summon our courage and join forces.
Please click here to read it.
We pray that you will be active in your respective fields, that the Messiah will return, and that a new future for the earth will open up. If you share our prayers, we hope that you will join us in praying for the resurrection as well as for conflict resolution. We would also be happy if you could spread the message.
Thank you very much for reading to the end.




Infomation of the universal shoot

Deadline March 27
Applications from intermediary countries, organizations, and individuals will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions or concerns about application details, please contact us through the contact form or call us. We are available in Japanese and English. Applications are completed immediately by credit card payment of the application fee, but transfers are also accepted.

締め切り 3月27日

Proposal 1

Proposal 1: If an agreement is reached to end the war with Ukraine → Make it a tie-up declaration between endorsing countries, various industries, companies, and other organizations.
提案1:ウクライナとの終戦の合意に至る場合 → 賛同国と各種団体・企業とのタイアップ宣言
>> Proposed1: For Application and more information>> 提案1 : 申し込み, 詳細
Proposal 2

Proposal 2: If Russia alone announces the declaration of the end of the war → Make it a tie-up declaration between endorsing countries, various industries, companies, and other organizations.
提案2:ロシア単独の終戦宣言発表の場合 → 賛同国と各種団体・企業とのタイアップ宣言
>> Proposed2: For Application and more information>> 提案2 : 申し込み, 詳細


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